Thursday, December 14, 2017

The ART of Infertility is Coming to Utah!

UIRC is pleased to to host The ART of Infertility here in Salt Lake in two months. Together, we are presenting a month-long art exhibit and a fundraiser gala. We have invited their founders, Elizabeth and Maria, to share a post here about their mission.

What is The ART of Infertility (ART of IF)?

The ART of Infertility is an international arts organization started by the two of us, Elizabeth Walker and Maria Novotny, in 2014. The organization conducts art and writing workshops, collects and distributes oral history interviews, curates art exhibitions, and presents educational talks and writings. All of these activities are designed to support the infertile community, provide educational resources, and support further understanding of the topic of infertility in conjunction with arts-based methods of healing.

What are the goals of ART of IF?

We have both been bothered by the fact infertility stories are often silenced. We’re even more bothered by the fact that there’s not much variety in the stories that are brought to light. It is too-often that infertility is represented within a heteronormative, white, middle-class narrative. The reality is that this is simply not a true nor realistic representation of infertility.